Co-working is a broad church. NWJ is not for everyone. Here are our differentiators.

Work work spaces

I don’t work well in fully communal spaces. I come to the office when I want
to clear a load of work. Some days I feel like talking. Some days I don’t. If
you’re like that, this is the space for you.

  • We have desks not tables, so there’s a fence around your stuff
  • Partitions mean you can disengage when you’re in your work zone
  • We have coordinators and rules so you don’t have to be on a committee to decide who
    cleans the sink
  • We also have the great social areas, seminar rooms, meeting rooms so you can choose the collaborative and social bits of co-working office life that suit you

Best value

When all the fanfare is done hub desks need to be affordable. We are for people who want to get out of the home office but don’t want to blow the budget doing so. Co-working is not that cool.

Bread and butter: seats and bandwidth

Brendan, who services my tractor, says to me: all a man needs is a roof and a good pair of boots. For my work, I also need a good seat and excellent broadband.

At NWJ our upload is better than some other centres’ download.

We don’t go for cheap new chairs. We go for the executive range from corporate liquidations, chairs with so many adjustments I’m still trying to figure them out.

Roaming access

  • Members in Carlow can pop in to Rathmines to meet a client.
  • Members in Rathmines can work in Wexford when holidaying in Rosslare.
  • Members in Kilkenny, of course, tend to stay put.

Remote recruiting 

Anyone looking to interview remote workers in our areas can use our meeting rooms for free. No obligations. We just want to be on your radar if setting up a remote team.

No strings

We are independent. You pay a fair price for our service and that’s it.

  • Corporate remoter, SME, start-up, freelancer get equal respect here.
  • You don’t have to publicize the name of your employer.
  • We are not looking for a piece of your start-up.
  • We don’t need to know how many people you propose to hire.
  • We don’t need to showcase you.
  • We don’t care what work you do as long as it’s not disreputable and doesn’t interfere with other members.
  • You are not required to engage with other members
  • Seminars and collaboration do happen, but involve only those who wish to be involved

Environmental awareness

  • Lowering Ireland’s emissions – reducing commutes from hours to minutes
  • Ride-in friendly: bike racks and showers
  • No new-build costs: re-purposed empty spaces.
  • Carbon neutral materials – desks and partitions made onsite using local timber, timber
    composites and Sundela recycled paper
  • Carbon neutral furniture – sourced from local corporate liquidations
  • 30 Solar PV panels on each NWJ roof
  • Only some areas heated to the max. Some areas for people in jumpers. You choose.
  • Healthy spaces – no refrigerants and minimized ducting


Not premised on a business model of providing flexibility at a premium over leased spaces

You’re most welcome to drop in and see if it suits you.

Tom O’Neill