Every digital hub is different. The great thing is, you can choose a co-working hub that suits you. Here’s what we’re proud of at New Work Junction.

Work work spaces

  • We have desk partitions: you can disengage when you’re in your work zone
  • Every member signs up to rules about privacy, legal compliance and mutual respect
  • We have coordinators: things run smoothly and without disruptions
  • We also have great social areas, seminar areas and meeting rooms so you can choose the collaborative and social bits of co-working office life that suit you


    For serious office-bound work, you need suitable seating and excellent broadband. 

    To keep you connected, we offer: 

    • excellent bandwidth with failover secondary service 
    • high capacity internal switches and WAPs to match

    To facilitate you in the long hours, we offer:

    • executive range chairs, adjustable to a wide range of ergonomic configurations
    • choice of desks with variety of aspect, light, temperature and sound levels

    Safe and secure

    • We have strict 24/7 access-control to our offices 
    • We employ 24/7 security monitoring of premises.
    • Our fire detection and emergency egress systems are checked quarterly.
    • We take care to ensure that the business activities of new members are not disruptive to existing members. 
    • We have a coordinator present to ensure that safety and security standards are maintained and to promptly address any concerns of members.
    • The member rules and guidelines cover health and safety issues as well as security and privacy standards.


    Facilities and NWJ Carlow, Wexford and Rathmines are fully wheelchair accessible. At NWJ Kilkenny, toilet facilities are on the first floor with perambulatory access only. 

    Best Value

    When all the fanfare is done hub desks need to be affordable. We are for people who want to get out of the home office but don’t want to blow the budget doing so.  

    We have a flexible deals to suit every hybrid work situation. 

    Roaming Access

    Roaming access means, for example, that members at the other NWJ centres can meet Dublin clients in NWJ Rathmines, or use a desk in Wexford if they’re at the coast during the summer. (Subject to availability.)

    No Strings

      We are independent. You pay a fair price for our service and that’s it.

      • Corporate remoter, SME, start-up, freelancer get equal respect here.
      • You don’t have to publicize the name of your employer.
      • We are not looking for a piece of your start-up.
      • We don’t need to know how many people you propose to hire.
      • We don’t need to showcase you.
      • We don’t care what work you do as long as it’s not disreputable and doesn’t interfere with other members.
      • Seminars and collaboration do happen, but involve only those who wish to be involved

      Tom O’Neill