Remote Workers

Join the revolution of Irish Workers now working Remotely. 

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Sarah Maher

Occupation: Business Development
Employer: Userneeds
How I work: Mainly in Kilkenny, but enjoy the trips to Denmark to meet my colleagues.

Bernadette Coleman

Occupation: Project Manager
Employer: Dell
How I work: I work remotely but go to Cherrywood as required.

Vincent de Phily

Occupation: Software Engineer
Employer: Mobile Devices France
How I work: Mainly in New Work Junction. Every six weeks I go to France.

Pat Considine

Occupation: Finance
Employer: Bord Na Móna
How I work: 1-2 days a week in Kilkenny.

Remote Workers

NWJ is an ideal hub for workers who want to work remotely.

Our members work for some of Irelands leading companies as well as European and international companies from UK, France, Portugal, Germany and the USA.

More and more employers are embracing remote working. Employers are now realising that they don’t need to have their workers in the office 5 days a week. Workers can be just as, if not more productive outside of the office. 


Working from home is not an option

 Working from home is not always an option, our members prefer a Co-working centre because. 

  • There are fewer distractions in working environment. 
  • It’s good to get out of the house. 
  • It good to mingle with people. 
  • The broadband is much better in Co-working Centre. 


Why Choose New Work Junction?


  • High-Speed Internet
  • Office Culture. 
  • Pre Pay Offices. No long leases. 
  • A range of locations for you to choose from. 
  • Using our offices allows you to separate your work life from home life. 
  • Less distractions that working from home.
    • People Calling
    • Crying Children
    • Washing to be done.
    • Etc
  • Our community means you are not working alone in isolation, giving a better work life balance.
  • One low cost

Remote Workers from the following companies use our centres

Finding Remote Work

“Fed up commuting but can’t work from home? We’re the great value third way! If your employer isn’t flexible find one who is at”