Home office vs Remote Hub

A lot of people want to get back to an office but don’t want to get back to the everyday commute. It doesn’t have to be either-or. There’s a different mix for everyone.

You already know the pros and cons of commute vs home working. A remote hub, like New Work Junction, is a third way. You get the benefits of office life, without the bad parts. You get your bedroom back. You are in a professional secure connected environment where you can concentrate on work, without the exhaustion of 15 hrs per week of your personal life blown out a car exhaust. You still get to put away the laptop when you go home.

Your employer gets you a cheaper desk than your desk in Dublin was costing them. They get more of your time while you lose less of your time. A hub office also eliminates a lot of potential worries about home offices. For example, would a fulltime permanent home office lose you part of the CGT tax exemption on your home or make your work mileage non-deductible? Do your insurance responsibilities change? How much should your employer pay for you to fence off part of your home?
Work-life balance requires work-life separation. An office near home is a better solution for most people than an office at home.